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“Feeling beautiful makes you more beautiful. »

Browning the skin in the sun is not only good for morale, but also contributes to the proper functioning of our body, since exposure to UV rays makes it possible to synthesize vitamin D while helping to fix calcium.
However, the sun is also responsible for the premature aging of the skin and used improperly, it can also cause real damage to the skin and health.

The spraytan thus protects the epidermis, while obtaining a tanned complexion and a sublimated look... all year round!

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“Offering everyone the opportunity to have a beautiful tan en all security (without uv lamps) and at an affordable price thanks to the spray tan Vani T technique”.

People are proven to feel healthier, leaner and more confident within minutes.
For special occasions or for those who like to look good all year round, tanning Vani T camouflages imperfections, cellulite and varicose veins.

It's quick and convenient and you can get the tan you want by one session !!!
Several shades are offered to you: from the weekend effect at the sea to that of the return from the Maldives.

The Spray Tan, a revolutionary technique that allows in 1 session to tan at the desired intensity without UV. We obtain a natural tan et uniform equivalent to ten days in the sun or several UV sessions in a sunbed with a result guaranteed on all skin types, from lightest to darkest.

We chose the Van T products, reference Australian brand, number 1 in the US, cruelty free and vegan, and acclaimed by all the American

Vani-T offers three cosmeceutical formulas based on natural and organic ingredients for the most demanding customers:

  1. No orange tones
  2. Long-lasting and fades evenly
  3. Odorless on the skin
  4. Intensely hydrating

The tan obtained lasts an average of 7 days et gradually fades with skin renewal.

This technique has the particularity of not damaging the skin because the products used are 100% natural and maybe so practiced regularly.