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“The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, for that is the doorway to her soul…” – Audrey Hepburn.

Do you dream of having doe eyes worthy of a Hollywood star? Are you going on vacation and want to have a pretty look without makeup? It is now possible to get up in the morning with fuller and longer eyelashes without the hassle of mascara and eyelash curler. 

Our eyelash bar, specializing in the beauty of eyelashes, is intended for people who want to take care of themselves, enjoy a moment of relaxation, and feel noticeably and quickly more beautiful.

An eyelash extension, an enhancement, a botox lash (particularly suitable for damaged and weakened eyelashes) or eyelash tinting to enhance the look, these small changes can radically transform and bring out the beauty of a face...

Trust our BB Girl who, with her experience, guarantees you a perfect result for a star gaze!

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A method that has been proven to obtain significantly longer and thicker eyelashes for 3 to 5 weeks. Doe's eye guaranteed!
Lashes to Lashes, Russian Volume or ML pose… the choice is yours.

Eyelash extensions are for all women who:

  • feel that their eyelashes are too short or too thin;
  • want to save time in the morning and look beautiful when they wake up;
  • wish to treat themselves to a star gaze for an event: wedding, birthday, evening, tryst...

The number of eyelashes depends on your own eyelash base. The pose is done lash by lash. The more natural lashes you have, the more volume you have.

In general, it is estimated that for an effect:

  • natural, it takes between 60 to 70 eyelashes;
  • intense volume, it takes between 80 and 100 lashes, or even more.

Poses of less than 50 lashes per eye will have no convincing result on your look. You need a minimum of 60 eyelashes per eye to appreciate a beautiful eyelash application.

Laying eyelash extensions requires rigor and meticulousness. Each extension is sealed strand by strand to each of your lashes.

For an initial quality installation, it takes between 2h and 2h30. This time varies depending on the quantity and the desired effect.

The very first pose is generally a little longer, because we choose together the curvature, the lengths and the thickness that we will use to enhance your look.

Once applied, eyelash extensions last between 3 and 5 weeks. This duration is based on the life cycle of your own eyelashes.

We advise you to carry out a filling, namely a touch-up every 3 weeks maximum in order to maintain an optimal volume.

It is also advisable to make a removal every 4 touch-ups and to make a new complete application.


  • come cleansed at least at eye level, especially avoid coming with mascara;
  • remove your contact lenses if you wear them. you can put them back on as soon as the installation is finished;
  • avoid all greasy substances around the eyes (day cream, oils, etc.), greasy substances that can harm application by preventing the glue from sealing the eyelash extension to your natural eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions adapt to all your daily activities (shower, sport, etc.) and require no maintenance.
However, here are some tips that will help you improve the longevity of your eyelash extensions and keep them for as long as possible.

  • 48 hours after each application of eyelash extensions, avoid wetting your eyelashes to promote the final drying of the glue.
  • Avoid steam (sauna, hammam), because the heat weakens the glue.
  • Take care of your eyelashes with delicacy and limit friction.
  • Ditch the oil-based makeup removers and lotions that break down the glue, and opt for gentle makeup removal using a cleansing water or our BB Beauty Bar mousse.
  • Banish waterproof mascara (the need for mascara after eyelash extensions is very rare). Choose special extension mascaras (also sold at BB Beauty Bar).


More than an eyelash lift, it's a real treatment!

To open up the eyes, the mascara step is often essential. But for a lasting result, there is an innovative technique: eyelash enhancement. The latter allows to give a beautiful curvature to the eyelashes for several weeks.

It is said that the gaze is the reflection of the soul. In any case, an open gaze changes the physiognomy of a face. Generally, it is recommended to use a mascara to give it intensity and depth. But to curve eyelashes that are too straight or droopy, it is preferable to use an eyelash lift, a technique that is attracting more and more women. Not only does its result last 4 to 5 weeks, but above all it saves a lot of time. Gone is the eyelash curler.

However, this technique should not be confused with an eyelash perm. If the latter also lasts up to 5 weeks, it curves at the level of the length, while the enhancement attacks the base.

This treatment is ideal for short eyelashes. And the result is particularly natural.

Enriched with keratin, YumiTM Lashes 2.0 is an innovative treatment in the world of aesthetics. Unlike a classic lift, which simply curls the lashes, this treatment straightens them up from the root to give length, height and volume.

Thanks to its high-end products, it is the only brand certified to European standards with 100% Made in France production.

Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in our eyelashes, but also in our hair, skin and nails. It gives our eyelashes their shine and suppleness, which is why there is no better repair and strengthening treatment than those based on keratin.

Long-lasting effect of 8 to 12 weeks.

Without pain, a session lasts an average of 1 hour:

  • the beautician begins by studying the shape of the eyelashes with precision, to determine whether they are short, long, straight, as well as their density. The shape of the eye is also to be taken into account;
  • she applies a silicone patch to the upper eyelid (the eyes must remain closed throughout the session). The beautician sticks the eyelashes one by one with tweezers on this patch;
  • after about fifteen minutes the practitioner takes them off to apply a new product which she leaves on again for about fifteen minutes. This is when the eyelashes take on a nice curl. For those who wish, it is then possible to complete the session with eyelash tinting.

Practice inevitably in an institute, eyelash enhancement can be scary. The eyes are indeed a part of the face with which you have to be very careful. 

This technique does not damage the eyelashes, provided you do not abuse it. It is therefore necessary to space out the sessions because like a hair color, an enhancement can weaken the eyelash (max 2 times in a row followed by a break of 1 month minimum).

LASH BOTOX, the repairing treatment for your eyelashes

A revolutionary technique that has entered the world of eyes.

Length, volume, density increased by 30% and enhancement of natural eyelashes is the promise of lash botox lash.

It is a sure alternative to eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara or eyelash perm. 

Lash Botox

Despite its name inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques, there is no question of injection to achieve this repairing treatment for eyelashes based on keratin.

Generally applied after an eyelash enhancement to boost growth and nourish the fibers, lash botox can also be performed alone to enhance the look.

Comparable to the keratin treatment practiced in certain hairdressing salons to care for and beautify the hair, the botox lash will, thanks to the active ingredients it contains, restructure and fill in the damaged areas of the eyelashes.

After a break of several minutes, the eyelashes will have gained in thickness, sheathed by the application of this poultice of active ingredients. Eyelash care will also stimulate hair growth for an average of four to six weeks.

In comparison to the lash botox, the lash lift is an eyelash enhancement, generally performed before the pause of a lash botox to repair and nourish the hair.

What are the active ingredients in this repairing treatment for the eyelashes?

This treatment, practiced in aesthetic institutes specializing in the beauty of the eyes, is non-irritating to the eyes. 

    Here is the composition of this nourishing and repairing treatment:

    • Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant;
    • Panthenol (or provitamin B5) to deeply hydrate the fibre;
    • Argan oil to hydrate and nourish the eyelash;
    • Keratin to recreate a natural layer of keratin;
    • Collagen to repair the fiber;
    • Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate;
    • How does a lash botox session take place? ;
    • It is recommended to carry out this eyelash repair treatment with powerful active ingredients in an institute with an aesthetics professional.

    The practitioner begins by spreading the mask over the eyelashes, from root to tip. A cellophane paper is then applied to each area to promote the penetration of active ingredients into the pores of the hair in order to swell the fiber.

    After a pause time of 5 to 10 minutes depending on the nature and state of health of the eyelashes, the entire mask will have been absorbed by the fibre. Eyelash tinting may also be offered in addition to enhance the look even more and to avoid the use of mascara during the coming weeks.


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