“A body free from tension and fatigue allows you to face all the complexities of life. »

An essential source of relaxation, massage relieves the body of stress, relaxes muscle knots, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, while providing a real state of well-being.

Here you will find a whole range of massages aimed at relaxation, muscle relaxation, or sensory travel.

Contraindications: in certain situations, the massage can entail risks depending on the condition of the recipient. Recent injuries, severely injured muscles, infectious skin diseases, advanced varicose veins and fever are some of the conditions in which massage should be avoided. If the person already has this type of diagnosis or has suspicions, they must have medical clearance to undergo the massage.

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Want a unique moment of rest and relaxation? Full body relaxing massage is an ideal solution. The alternation of light and strong strokes as well as targeted pressure on muscle tension will allow the body to relax. This massage is performed on the whole body to immerse you in general and deep well-being.

Of Native American and Hawaiian origin, hot stone massage is a massage technique using basalt stones of volcanic origin. These stones, once heated, provide a feeling of well-being and have various therapeutic virtues, such as detoxifying the body or improving blood circulation. Several diseases and certain pains are also treated with this technique, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, muscle pain or stress-related illnesses.

This massage targets sagging skin and cellulite present in the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Through various specific maneuvers, the skin will regain its tone. You will also be able to observe an attenuation of cellulite.

Who has never complained of having pain or a feeling of heaviness in the legs? A succession of drainages and specific effleurages will allow to decongest the painful legs. Women suffering from poor circulation will benefit, thanks to this treatment, from a real feeling of lightness.

This massage is ideal to benefit from a total relaxation of the back. Using essential oils of relaxation, targeted pressure will be exerted on the points of muscular tension, making it possible to completely relax the back and the muscles.

A moment of relaxation in all simplicity which, thanks to simple gestures, light sliding pressure and light strokes from the front to the back of the head, stretching of the neck will stimulate circulation, soothe the nervous system and soften the scalp.

Plantar reflexology is an ancestral method of Chinese origin. It gently stimulates the reflex points of the foot. Through these reflex points, this manual therapeutic treatment can stimulate all organs and vital functions and affect the whole being.

A natural and effective approach to quickly evacuate physical and emotional tensions and achieve well-being.


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